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Iowa Family Receives Postcard From Great Grandmother Decades Later

CHICAGO (CBS) -- 74 years after the trip an Iowa family gets a special postcard in the mail.

Trevis Huff is probably more used to reading about his relatives' adventures on social media -- so imagine his surprise when he opened up the mail and found a postcard from the great-grandmother he never met.

Violetta Huff writes about her vacation out west.

"I open it up and it has this little note that came with it that said, 'I got this postcard in my office last week here in Rockwell, I was given your name and address as a relative. 'It was addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Dean Huff who is my grandpa," Trevis said.

Tracing the stamps, the postcard bounced around Arizona and San Francisco before ending up in Iowa City last week.

The family now plans to finally get it to the original recipient, who is now 93 and living in Minneapolis.


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