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Family Of Delphi Girls Murdered Share Their Story On The Today Show

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A national TV appearance by relatives of two Delphi girls murdered nearly a year ago brought new attention to the case, and some confusion.

Family members shared the story with Megyn Kelly on the Today Show of Liberty German and Abby Williams' murder last Feb. 13 on a hiking trail.

Liberty's grandparents remain upbeat about the investigation, saying police are doing a spectacular job going through 26,000 tips.

Anna Williams, Abby's mom said she hopes the killer isn't someone they know and it would be 'overwhelmingly horrible' to know that they are.

"It's a very tough situation to live with and we have a very tight knit community and to think this person is still right there, in our own backyard is overwhelmingly horrible," she said.

Delphi Suspect
Composite sketch and cell phone image of the prime suspect in the murders of two teenage girls in Delphi, Indiana, in Feburary 2017. (Credit: Indiana State Police)

In that appearance, Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter said he thinks Liberty knew something was suspicious about a man so she took a picture of him and recorded his voice.

"This is everybody's daughters. What she did that day, I hope one day to tell her thank you," he said.

A sheriff's department in Tennessee shared a sketch of the suspect on its Facebook page saying the FBI has extended the search there.

Megyn Kelly repeated that, which prompted Indiana State Police to send out a statement saying the suspect has not been seen in Tennessee and the investigation is national in scope, as it always has been.

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