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Experts Report Uptick In Executive-Level Hiring

CHICAGO (CBS)-- Entry level and middle-management jobs have been in discussion, but what if you're a high-level executive looking for your next big undertaking?

CBS 2 is Working For Chicago and helping you scope out available positions. Morning Insider Lauren Victory spoke to executive recruiting experts about the trends they're seeing.

"There is undoubtedly a need for leadership at the executive level to help navigate through this unchartered time," Jennifer Finger, partner at DHR International, said.

Lisa Walker, partner at DHR International, said here's an uptick in human resource roles.

"It's encouraging," Walker said.

"I think strategic HR and the understanding of what HR has had to do to keep people working and keep people safe has taken that role to a different level," Walker said.

Finger says she's seen an emphasis on positions driving digital transformation. Opportunities also exist in entertainment, e-commerce and consumer products. On the flip side, she said industries like travel and hospitality will take more time to recover.

"It's helpful to recognize that one of the real strengths in Chicago is the diversity of the economy, especially if you compare us to some other major cities that may be highly reliant on one industry," Managing Director Clare Metcalf said.

And the qualities these recruiters look for among executives?

Walker said it's the ability to stay positive. Finger said it's the leaders who are able to bring a customer first or consumer first mindset to an organization.

Metcalf said it's the people who have been able to adapt and deal with ambiguity and uncertainty.

For executives on the job hunt, historically, August is a slower hiring month, because it's back-to-school season. Recruiters suggest to not feel discouraged if your job search starts to lag, hiring will pick up.

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