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Expert: Mosquito Population Rising Due To Warm Weather, Rain

(CBS) -- Mosquitos are back and the itching can drive you crazy.

So why are they so bad so early? CBS 2's Roseanne Tellez talked with some experts.

At first, you don't see them, but they see you. And they're out for blood.

Paul Geery, a biologist with the Des Plaines Valley Mosquito Abatement, monitors mosquitos in a 77-mile area in Central Cook Countys. He says recent warm weather and rain caused the population to take off.

"A lot of areas filled with water and a lot of eggs hatched and they are coming off the water these last four or five of days," said Geery. "It is bad right now."

Just ask anyone who spends time outside.

Geery, who's been treating water to kill mosquito breeding grounds, says for the best protection, use a repellent with DEET sprayed on your clothing, check window screens for gaps and holes and dump standing water.

"If you're on your porch, set up a fan. They can't land if there's a fair amount of wind," said Geery.

The good news: the mosquitos collected so far this year are disease-free.

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