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Expect Pushy Energy Sales People, Now That Municipal Deals Are Expiring

(CBS) -- Residents of dozens of Chicago suburbs are on notice tonight.

Their electric company is about to change, and that means aggressive sales people are likely headed their way.

CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker reports on what to do to protect yourself.

It's a social media blitz in Buffalo Grove. Home owners are being informed the village no longer has a contract with alternative provider, and it is going back to ComEd.

The most important part of the message is in the link: "Residents could receive solicitations from electric companies."

And the problem with those solicitations?

"CUB is concerned that those communities could be targeted by alternative suppliers pitching bad deals," says Jim Chilsen of the Citizens Utility Board.

Buffalo Grove is not the only community where residents may be targets. They are on a list of more than 100 communities that have contracts with alternative suppliers that expire in the next six months. So, the message from CUB is beware of aggressive salesmen.

CUB recommends a tactic Buffalo Grove resident Beverly  Bonilla is ready to use.

"I'll just ignore the door, or I'll say I'm not interested and close the door. I've done that before," she says.

CUB says ComEd offers the best price, but if you decide to sign up with an alternative supplier, ask the following questions:

-Is there a monthly fee?

-Is there an exit fee?

-Is the price at a fixed rate?

Remember, never give a sales person  your account number. A bad sales person can switch you,  without your knowledge.


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