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Excerpts From Chicago Police Scanner After Cubs World Series Win

CHICAGO (CBS) -- "Will Wrigleyville still be standing in the morning?"

That's the question people were asking – only half-jokingly – before the Cubs won the World Series on Wednesday night.

Well, now we have our answer: yes. The small neighborhood within Chicago's Lake View community area is still standing. Despite the hundreds of thousands of people who took to the streets Wednesday night, the celebrations were relatively peaceful.

Chicago Cubs' World Series parade is Friday

Only 14 people were arrested, according to city officials. Amid some of the worst damage was a Telemundo truck was trashed by unruly fans, who broke out the windshield and flung garbage at the truck.

Less destructive, though still dangerous, were the many, many people climbing street signs. Most climbed down when confronted by police, walking away without issue. A handful fell and needed assistance from emergency services.

Among the more light-hearted shenanigans, a Taco Bell sign from the chain's 1111 W. Addison location was carried off by Cubs fans, according to one Twitter account that follows Chicago's police scanner channels.

More dangerous: another set of fans thought it'd be a good idea to steal an entire electrical pole, leaving live wires exposed.

Of course, fans couldn't help themselves from taking to the field at Wrigley...

Police also found their hands full when Ashland was blocked -- completely ... at 3 am.

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