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Equifax Breach: It Gets Worse

(CBS) -- Two weeks ago, we learned Equifax was hacked in a massive breach affecting 143 million customers.

Now, there's word the company sent consumers to a fake website for help.

CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker reports on what you need to do to protect yourself.

As soon as Denise Chapman heard about the Equifax data breach, she went to the website to which the company directed people.

It turns out, it was a fake website. Equifax had tweeted the web address.

"My heart dropped," Chapman says.

Chapman thought she had signed up for credit card monitoring by Equifax.

Now, she wonders, because two days ago someone stole $533 from her Chase account.

"How could it not be" connected, Chapman says.

Credit expert Jim Droske can't explain how Chapman's account was hacked. But he says cyber thieves are preying on consumer fears by sending phishing emails.

Not only should you ignore suspicious emails, but Droske suggests you freeze your accounts at all three credit bureaus.

It will cost you $10. It means no one can open credit in your name -- not even you -- until you contact the credit bureaus.

Here are the links to Experian; TransUnion; and Experian.


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