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Emery: Long Will Eventually Get Reps At Tackle

By Adam Hoge-

HALAS HALL (CBS) The Bears have never been shy to talk about rookie offensive guard Kyle Long's potential.

Going back to draft day in April, Phil Emery said the Bears' plan was to start him at guard with the idea that he could eventually develop into an offensive tackle.

That plan hasn't changed and it won't be expedited because of Jonathan Scott's knee injury.

"Kyle's done a really good job for us and made continued progress," Emery said in an online chat with fans Wednesday on "We anticipate leaving him at guard. Eventually he will get some reps in practice at tackle. But for the foreseeable future Kyle will remain at guard."

Scott was let go Tuesday as his knee continues to bother him, but Emery isn't ruling out his return soon.

"Jon Scott is a player that we like," the GM said on "Getting ready for the first opponent dictated the moves that we made. There's always a possibility that Jon will return to the Bears."

With Scott's departure, tight end Kyle Adams was brought back. Wednesday, Emery also added Derrick Dennis back to the practice squad and waived quarterback Jerrod Johnson, who could also return in the future.

Emery said during his chat that he prefers to have 10 offensive linemen available to practice and he won't hesitate to rotate the practice squad from week-to-week "to include players at positions that will pose the greatest threat to us."

The bottom-line, don't worry about the practice so much and get used to it changing often.

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