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Emanuel Urges A Focus On Governor Rauner To Fund CPS, Resolve Budget

CHICAGO (CBS) -- With seven days left in the legislative session, Mayor Emanuel is doing every thing he can to keep the focus on Governor Rauner for the Chicago Public Schools financial problems.

Mayor Emanuel steadfastly refuses to say what he will do if the Governor and legislature do not settle on a budget resolving money problems for the Chicago Public Schools. He will not say if he favors a stop gap budget for education, or wants to hold out for a long-term deal. He insists it is the Governor's responsibility to put a balanced budget on the table. WBBM's Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports.

Mayor Emanuel is trying to keep the spotlight on Governor Rauner as the formal end of the legislative session approaches. Meeting with reporters after the latest City Council meeting he stressed that the state is still without a budget, and insists the Governor has never proposed a balanced one.

"There is a void of leadership in the executive branch in Springfield," Emanuel said.

Illinois Senate Democrats have approved a so-called "Grand Bargain" of revenue bills and more. But the Mayor is not urging Speaker Michael Madigan and House Democrats to go along with the package. He said legislators have the right to make changes, and do, even on his own budgets.

A spokeswoman for the Governor has issued a statement in response to the Mayor:

"Instead of engaging in more publicity stunts, it would be great if Mayor Emanuel would come to the Capitol himself and work with others to find real solutions for CPS. This has come down to real and lasting property tax relief — the Governor is demanding it while Madigan Democrats and the mayor are fighting it."

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