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Emanuel Outraged Someone Using Racial Slurs On Police Radio Frequency

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Mayor Rahm Emanuel is outraged that someone has been using a police radio frequency to hurl racial slurs, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

Mayor Emanuel says he's not overly concerned that someone is making unauthorized transmissions on the police radio system. What bothers him most is what's being said and why.

In the latest incident, the n-word is heard being repeated over and over again for six seconds.

On Sunday, a man's voice is heard saying, "Will you shoot all these f—ing n——s and get it over with?" Last Monday, another transmission: "No black lives matter, man. F—ing n——s."


"To me, the other concern is that somebody, while the city is on a mission to build trust and cooperation between the police department and the African-American community to go on to the Chicago radio somehow to blame police and doing it with anonymity," Emanuel said. "That is not our values, that is not who we are as a city. It is wrong and it will not stand."

Chicago Police Chief of Bureau Patrol, Eddie Johnson, says the department knows CPD issued radios were not used to broadcast the hate filled comments.

"We stress to our people, you know, to use proper radio procedure and proper equipment, so we can narrow those incidents down." Johnson said.

Chicago Police officials say there is no evidence the transmissions are being made city employees.

The Office of Emergency Management and Communication issued a statement saying:

"OEMC and the Chicago Police Department continue to investigate the unauthorized use of the City's radio frequencies that have occurred over the last few days. We have filed a complaint with the FCC regarding these abhorrent transmissions and both OEMC and the Chicago Police Department have opened CRs regarding the incidents."

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