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Emanuel Cites Progress In Reducing Gun Violence Despite Recent Shootings

Emanuel Cites Progress In Reducing Gun Violence Despite Recent Shootings

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Mayor Emanuel still acknowledges progress in the city's efforts to reduce gun violence in Chicago. But, he says he's concerned about the spate of violence overnight, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

Mayor Emanuel doesn't shy away from the violent night that followed the first really warm day of the year.

"There are days that we are going to make progress, there are days we're not. On the other hand, are we getting our hand around it because there is one measure I care about," Emanuel said.

"As I met [a mother] the other day where we had our foot patrol, she says I feel comfortable my child can walk to school. That is the measure I look at every day."

The mayor notes shootings are down overall but says he is not satisfied and he has made that clear to Superintendent Garry McCarthy too, but the mayor adds the problem cannot be solved by policing alone, there must also be better parenting, intervention and tougher punishment for gun crime.

"I am never satisfied, even when February, March and April I was on Garry every day even while we were seeing a reduction shootings and a reduction in homicides. A, what we had to do there and B, where are we on our after-school initiatives. How many more kids can we get involved in those programs? How do we challenge parents to be more involved," said Emanuel.

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