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Elgin Residents Hope To Save Old Trees Set To Be Removed From Pipeline

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A new federal requirement that natural gas pipeline easements be clear of structures and trees could mean some very old oaks in an Elgin subdivision will have to go.

Century Oaks West, where some trees date back 230 years, could look a lot different if there's not a compromise.

Some trees were there 150 years before natural gas pipes went in, according to homeowner Tammi Zemp.

"We would love to save every tree, but we know we have to pick some of our battles, and what we're really fighting for right now are the really old oak trees," she said.

According to Zemp, at least eight old oaks and many other trees are located on the easement.

Homeowners have been given until April 28 to remove any sheds, playhouses, or other structures from along the pipeline easement. Zemp said it's ironic the deadline falls on Arbor Day.

"Maybe that should be your headline on the news. What does Arbor Day mean to you? For Century Oaks, it means we're going to lose our trees," she said.

Nicor has said it will save as many trees as possible, but Zemp said crews have tagged every tree on the easement.

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