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Elgin Plow Drivers Prepare For 39th 'Snow Event' Of The Season

(CBS) -- With lots more snow in the forecast, plow drivers in the northwest suburbs aren't just battle the elements.

They're battling exhaustion.

Road crews in Elgin haven't had a weekend off since November.

CBS 2's Mike Parker reports.

More than 300 miles of Elgin streets were in good shape Thursday night, but that was before the latest round of snow was set to begin. The plows and spreaders will begin some serious work.

Elgin has an average of 22 snow events that require plowing and salting every winter. So far this year, they've already had 38.

No. 39 is on the way, and the city was touching things up today. The 23 plow drivers in this community, like Kevin Kujak, haven't had a full two-day weekend off since November.

"It's been kind of a tiring winter," he says.

Elgin has already eaten up 90 percent of its overtime budget for drivers. This weekend, they expect to have the city's 23 drivers working at least four 12-hour shifts each.

Supervisor Tom Migatz believes Elgin has plenty of its salt, brine and beet juice mix for the rest of the winter. He is hoping his overworked drivers hold out.

"Hopefully, we can get them out of here for Sunday and they can enjoy the Super Bowl," he says.

Now it's a matter of waiting.

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