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'You Feel Violated': At Least Eight Vehicles Broken Into At iPark Lots In Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Cars and trucks are targeted in places where owners think their vehicles are safe.

They're inside parking garages. CBS 2's Sabrina Franza reports from the Loop with a warning for drivers.

It's not what drivers wanted to see after they parked their cars here, thinking they'd be secure. One driver who didn't want to be identified or show the company's name on this truck, came back from his late night shift to see his window destroyed.

"After that you feel violated of course," said Dan, who added that everything in his glove box was gone.

"It look liked they hit it with a hammer, reached in, and unlocked it," he added with hundreds in damage and stolen belongings.

"The tools was probably another $500 dollars. Some hand tools and power tools."

He's not alone. Chicago police said there have been at least eight similar break-ins in the same garage, some just smashed where the breakers didn't even take anything.

"The other guys from work telling me 'hey you're not the only one. The other guys got their cars broken into."

iParkit has over a dozen locations in the downtown Chicago area. CBS 2 emailed, called iParkit's office but no answer.

The company's terms and conditions ask customers to assume all risk of damage, including theft, personal injury, even death, by any cause.

"It seems like there are so many ways our life is getting less safe now," said driver Ann Sherman.

Other drivers had no idea this is happening. The cameras only point to the lobby and elevators.

"If cars are being broken into, I'll have to switch it up," said one customer.

Switch it up and put your belongings in the trunk where they can't be seen. That's what drivers tell CBS 2 is their next step.

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