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Eight Men Who Have Run In Every Chicago Marathon To Do It Again Sunday

Marathon runners
Eight men who have run in all 35 Chicago Marathons and will run their 36th on Sunday. (Credit: Steve Miller)

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Sunday is the 36th Chicago Marathon. WBBM's Steve Miller talked to some runners who have been there every single year.

There's one main reason Ron Williams of Downers Grove is doing another Chicago marathon - after finishing a string of 35.

"If I didn't have this string, I wouldn't be doing a marathon - at my age."

Eight Men Who Have Run In Every Chicago Marathon To Do It Again Sunday

Williams is 74. He says running has taken him through a lot.

"I've been fired twice in my life and kept running through that and realized that the running keeps me focused."

Williams says this Sunday is most likely not his last marathon.

"As long as my body holds out, I'll be back."

Larry Moon of Chicago is 72.

He and other runners who have made every single Chicago marathon can enter free of charge.

"And that is what I tell my friends is why I keep running - because I wouldn't save that $175 if I didn't run the marathon every year."

65-year-old Randy Burt of Antioch wants to run at least 50 Chicago marathons.

"That's only 14 more away. So I don't see what there should be a problem..."

Burt says pacing is the key.

"I love it. I get a lot of joy out of running and I hope I can run until the day I die."

Eight runners have done all 35 previous Chicago marathons - and plan to be at the starting line this Sunday.

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