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Eight Ducklings Rescued From Sewer In Addison

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Police in west suburban Addison have their own "animal story," complete with a happy ending.

Addison Deputy Police Chief Brian Goss says a resident in the 700 block of St. John's Place called Monday about eight ducklings in a sewer.

Goss says officer Mark Tennyson and community service officer Dennis Parrillo successfully rescued the duck with a mesh bag attacked to a long stick.


The Deputy Chief said the ducklings were taken to a nearby pond and reunited with their parents.

The Addison Police Department Facebook page had some fun following the incident. They posted a series of photos of the rescue with the title, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Ducklings? Nope Just 8 Ducklings stuck in the sewer."


The post continued: "Addison Police were called to the 700 block of St. Johns Place for ducklings that were in the sewer. Officers ordered the ducklings out of the sewer immediately. When that failed to work they obtained a Search Warrant and made entry into the sewer. A total of 8 ducklings were apprehended with the assistance of Addison Community Service Officers. When questioned the ducklings advised that they were just looking for their heroes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo. All the ducklings were warned of the dangers of playing in the sewer and returned safely to their parents in the adjacent pond. A big thank you to the residents that called this in. – DCOP Goss"

Goss says writing the Facebook post "engages the community and lets them know we're human as well."

The post was shared over 50 times in four hours.

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