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Ed Debevic's Auctions Off Items From Now-Closed Restaurant

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Even the sarcasm was being auctioned off at Ed Debevic's Restaurant today, sarcasm in the form of some of the irreverent signs that once hung all over the '50s-style diner.

The auction started with not-so-nostalgic kitchen items like food scales. Many people though were there for what would be auctioned later, things like the signs. Like the ones that read: "The More You Tip, The Nicer We Are" and "Ed's Is Not Responsible. Period."

Jeff Richey says he used to take his two daughters to Ed's when they were younger. He says he has "fond memories" of the place. He was hoping to be able to buy something at the auction to "remember it by."


Joelle Minassian first ate at Ed's when the place opened in the mid-80s when she was about 10 years old. She loved the old stuff, the metal mini-juke boxes and the old scale that would tell people what they weighed.

The main Ed Debevic's counter that waitstaff used to stand on to dance and sing and throw insults at people was covered with items for sale today.

Scott Fulkerson was attracted to the auction by the sparkly green and red booths and the old signs. He says he was looking for things for his basement. He says he's been working on putting a diner in his basement for the past 12 years.

Dozzy Ibekwe is opening a Nigerian restaurant in Chicago and wanted used kitchen equipment. He is of the opinion that nothing should go to waste, so he wanted used equipment. He also wanted a piece of Chicago culinary history.

Julie Gallatin and a couple of co-workers had their eyes on a neon sign for their new office in River North. It says: "Eat and Get Out" and would be for in their lunchroom to give workers the idea that they should get in and get out.

Ed Debevic's owners expect to reopen closer to Michigan Avenue. Owners have a warehouse full of items they'll use to decorate the new restaurant, plus specially designed props, CBS 2's Vince Gerasole reports.

The one-story restaurant at Wells and Ontario is making way for a high-rise building.

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