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Durbin: 'Trump Tweets Are An Effort To Distract From Real Issues'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Members of the Illinois Congressional Delegation are weighing in on President Trump's tweets accusing former President Obama of having Trump Tower wiretapped during the election campaign.

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky says, "Everybody is kind of shaking their head and wondering what is going on," when it comes to the weekend Trump tweets.

She says she believes even the people closest to President Trump are wondering what he was talking about.

Senator Dick Durbin says the Trump tweets are an effort to distract from what Durbin says is the real issue: the Russian attempt to influence America's elections. He said, "That has been verified by intelligence agencies across the board. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Russian trolls sitting in office buildings in Moscow, trying to influence the outcome of our election. That is an outrage."

Senator Durbin says President Trump is destroying the credibility of his White House.
He added that, "If this were a real honest concern about a historic intrusion, it wouldn't have been a tweet at 6"30 in the morning. It would have been a press conference with an Attorney General and someone from the FBI."

Congressman Mike Quigley agrees with Senator Durbin and said, "To me, what the President suggested over the weekend was a distraction."

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