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Durbin: Health Care Vote Delay Will Display Bill's Faults

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin says he wishes Republican Sen. John McCain a quick recovery from surgery. But, he says, the resulting delay in the vote on the Senate health care bill is good, as the public can then take a closer look at the proposed replacement for "Obamacare."

Sen. Durbin said, like some insects, the Republican's American Health Care Act (AHCA) cannot stand the light.

Furthermore, he added, extra time before a vote only displays the legislation's faults.

"It's going to raise the cost of premiums for families across the board, and if you happen to be in that category of age 50 to 64, hang on tight," Durbin said.

Appearing with Durbin at a Loop news conference was an army veteran, who's medical bills caused bankruptcy and divorce before the Affordable Care Act helped her.

"I fear, with the passing of the AHCA, and the new Senate health care bill, tens of millions of Americans and veterans like myself will not only be classified as high-risk, but denied medications," she said.

She tearfully pleaded with senators who are veterans to vote against the Republican bill.

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