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'Defending the U.S. Constitution': DuPage residents sound off on sheriff's assault weapons stance

'Nobody is going door-to-door and taking their guns away'
'Nobody is going door-to-door and taking their guns away' 01:43

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A crackdown on guns and violence got hundreds of people to show up at a DuPage Bounty Board meeting.

They're upset over how the sheriff is handling the assault weapons ban. CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reports the focus of the meeting centered on Sheriff James Mendrick and his refusal to enforce the state's assault weapons ban.

Mendrick wasn't there and so far has not agreed to sit down for an interview. 

Contentious atmosphere at DuPage board meeting 02:25

Outside the DuPage County Board meeting, longtime county resident Chuck Smith is standing with Sheriff James Mendrick.

"He's defending the U.S. Constitution. He's got a tough job and we need to support him," Smith said.

Nearly 300 people were there for Tuesday's contentious board meeting. It comes just days after Sheriff Mendrick said he doesn't plan on enforcing the states new assault weapons ban. He joins several other Chicago area sheriffs to question the law.

Assault-style guns are no longer legal to purchase in Illinois. And if you already own them, you are now required by law to properly register your weapons.

This week, federal, state and county leaders asked for the sheriff to resign — claiming he doesn't have the power to pick and choose the laws he enforces.

"The bill does not take away their guns. Nobody is going door-to-door and taking their guns away," said DuPage county resident Kay Akins.

Besides the hour of public comment from both sides, there was no action taken at today's meeting. It was more of an opportunity for leaders in DuPage to get a better understanding of how people there feel about the law and their sheriff's decision. 

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