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Duckworth And Kirk Come Together At A Summit, Show Civility

CHICAGO (CBS) – Despite a nasty campaign, the two candidates for U.S. Senate in Illinois came together Friday at an alcohol-free "beer summit."

Over coffee and soft drinks, a political victor and vanquished meet to show that in every election, civility should prevail. CBS 2's Derrick Blakely reports.

"I am hoping you guys insist that this is a tradition with all politicians," Kirk said.

That they always bury the hatchet.

When Kirk did it six years ago, he was on top, sharing beers with defeated Democrat Alexi Ginnianoulious. But not this time.

"One of the reasons we are the greatest democracies on the face of the earth is because of the peaceful transition," Duckworth said.

A stark contrast to the passionate street protests around the nation, with thousands protesting Donald Trump's election, even before he was sworn in. WBBM's Steve Miller reports.

"In America, I would say, if you do not like how the election turned out, just get over it," Kirk said.

"I wore the uniform in order to protect the right for people to gather peacefully and express their opinions," Duckworth said.

Still, said Duckworth, it is time for the country to heal.

And Kirk is working to teach another to heal.

"Happiness after losing an election is getting a new puppy," Kirk said. "Just got a new puppy named Sweet Pea."

Kirk's new puppy Sweet Pea (CBS)

The puppy arrived the same day Kirk lost his Senate seat.

"Took the sting away from the defeat at the election polls," Kirk said.

The two also talked a bit of business. Duckworth want to get moving on an infrastructure plan and on veterans' needs. Mark Kirk still wants to fully ban sewage dumping into the Great Lakes, a cause he's long championed. He also plans to advocate for stroke victims, like himself.

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