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Drivers Who Use Illinois Tollways Say They're Having Problems Paying Online, Are Ending Up With Fines

CHICAGO (CBS) -- All they want to do is pay their tolls, but driver after driver says it is not as simple as it sounds – and now, it is costing them even more.

As CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot reported, one driver, retiree Ron Suryk, had tolls due and just wanted to make sure they were paid on time. But he ran into problems that he has been trying to fix for weeks.

Suryk often travels on the Illinois Tollway. After a recent trip, he said he went online to pay his tolls.

"I saw nothing," he said. "It was as though I never went past a tollbooth."

Suryk said he called and asked for the amount to be added online so he could pay. He said he was told: "'It's in a read-only file. We can't do that.'

"This is on the 13th day of a (14-day period)," he said. "You've got to get it done, you know? Otherwise, fines start happening."

Suryk said he was also told he would receive an invoice and have no fines.

"I got the invoice several weeks later, and lo and behold, I had fines on it and the fees on it," Suryk said. "The fines almost came close to doubling what the fees were."

The Illinois Attorney General's office said they have received 15 complaints since September from people having issues paying on the Illinois Tollway website.

Suryk said he had a pay-by-plate account. The Tollway said he started the online set up, but it wasn't complete.

After we spoke to the Illinois Toll Highway Authority, Suryk's tolls plus fees of $46.51 were reduced to only the tolls he owed, totaling $16.50.

"I thought it's the right thing to do," Suryk said. "The state shouldn't be picking up on fines when somebody really wants to pay them and to avoid the fines."

If you owe past tolls, now would be the time to pay them. Through Dec. 31, the Illinois Tollway amnesty program will allow you to pay any violation with a $3 fee for each unpaid toll instead of the usual $20.

The Tollway board is also meeting Thursday to consider extending the program through June of next year.

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