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Drivers Of Plows, Salt Trucks Give Tips For Driver Ahead Of Snowstorm

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- As the snow falls this week, plows and salt trucks will be hitting the streets, and the workers behind the wheel have some tips for drivers.

"During the smaller storms, people are in a big hurry," said Joshua Pitts, a driver with the DuPage County Division of Transportation. "We're in the way, we're cumbersome. I understand that, we're going slower than they want to go. As soon as they see a gap, they try to shoot around us and that just creates problems."

How Can You Help DuPage County Plow Drivers? by DuPage County, Illinois on YouTube

And with the chance of up to eight inches of snow later in the week, there could be plenty of problems on Illinois roadways. Driver Bob Nickrand said drivers must be patient.

"Everyone wants to get around the plow as fast as they can," he said. "I would say stay back until we get out of our route or do a turnaround."

In a video posted to the DuPage County website, Pitts reminded crazed commuters that plow drivers work 16-hour shifts.

"That's another thing I think the public should be aware of," Pitts said. "We're there for a pretty long time, give us some room and space."

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