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Dozens Still Without Water After Pipes Burst In Calumet Heights Saturday Morning

Chicago (CBS) -- A water main burst in Chicago's Calumet Heights neighborhood early Saturday morning left dozens of people in a two-block radius without running water.

The burst happened around 5:30 a.m. at East End Avenue and 89th Street.

"My grandparents don't have any water, so I'm bringing them some bottled water so at least they'll have drinking water," Brandon Brown said.

Workers continue heating up, probing and patching a pipe that failed. They describe how they located and fixed one leak only to discover another.

The streets were soaked with water, but they dried out during the day.

After more than 16 hours, Mary Smith still didn't have running water to shower, wash dishes or drink.

"Everything is ok now except for we still don't have water," Smith said. "I just want to know how much longer it will be."

While the city doesn't expect the problem to continue into Sunday morning, they began handing out bottled water to residents as a precaution.

Given the extreme cold, the city reminds households to run a small stream of water through their pipes, which makes them less likely to freeze and break.

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