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Dozens Of Aldermen Backing Resolution To Use Surplus TIF Funds To Help CPS

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Dozens of aldermen say they want the city to use more than a billion dollars in so-called TIF development funds to help bail out the Chicago Public Schools, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa says 34 aldermen are backing his resolution urging Mayor Rahm Emanuel to use nearly $1.4 billion in tax increment financing funds to ease the financial crises for the schools. Council colleague Ariel Reboyras says some aldermen have already identified projects in their wards they are willing to give up.


Alderman John Arena admits this is only a stop-gap solution, but he hopes Governor Bruce Rauner will see the city is willing to help itself and have the state pitch in too.

Ramirez-Rosa says the need is great because there's a madman in Springfield. He says Governor Rauner is holding the state hostage to his anti-union agenda.

Rosa's resolution was sent from the Budget Committee to Finance by a parliamentary maneuver. Rosa calls it a stalling tactic. Budget Chair Carrie Austin denies it.

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