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Downers Grove Man Charged With Raping Two Indiana University Students

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Downers Grove man has been charged with raping two female students at Indiana University.

John Enochs, 21, a former IU business student, turned himself in to police last week, after a warrant was issued for his arrest. He has been charged with two counts of rape, in two separate cases.

Court documents allege both rapes took place on campus in Bloomington; one in April 2015, the other in October 2013.

In the most recent case, Enochs allegedly raped a woman at the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house during a party five months ago.

According to an affidavit, the woman told police she and her friends had been drinking, and she was in the fraternity's courtyard when she left to find a bathroom. She said the next thing she remembered was being in a private room, where an unknown man was having sex with her.

She said she tried to push the man off her, and repeatedly said no. Afterward, she went to the bathroom, and stayed there until her friends found her, and she told them what happened.

A nurse conducted a rape kit, and police viewed security footage from the fraternity house, and saw Enochs enter a room with the woman. She later identified him as her rapist, and investigators found Enochs' DNA on her, according to the affidavit.

The woman in the 2013 attack changed her mind about charges after hearing about the other case. The woman told police she didn't remember what happened, but friends told police they saw Enochs having sex with the victim while she was passed out at the Delta Zeta sorority house.

The woman in that case did not want to press charges at the time, but decided to pursue charges after learning about the alleged rape this year.

A university spokesman said Enochs no longer is enrolled at IU, and has not graduated.

His attorney, Katharine C. Liell, denied the allegations against him.

Enochs was due for his next court appearance in November. He has been freed on bail.

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