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Tenant suffers concussion after Chicago doorwoman throws her to the ground

Video shows doorwoman attack tenant
Video shows doorwoman attack tenant 03:20

CHICAGO (CBS) – A wrestling move between a security guard and a tenant was caught on camera.

The renter was hurled to the floor. As far as anyone could tell, there was no threat that led up to the throwdown.

In fact, the doorwoman was arrested for battery. CBS 2's Lauren Victory dove into the case to find out what happened next.

"I can't breathe. I'm screaming, 'Someone call police!'" said Diamond Jenkins, recalling the terrifying incident that left her with an arm in a sling and a leg that needed the support of a cane.

"She's saying, 'Give me your phone. Give me your phone,'" Jenkins said.

It might have sounded like a robbery took place at 100 West Chestnut in Chicago, but nothing was stolen.

In the surveillance video of the incident, a front desk attendant is seen.

"They had specific duties guarding the door," Jenkins said. "Making sure no threats came in."

The River North building operated by Planned Property Management is usually pretty quiet. Jenkins lived there since she was a little girl, for 26 years. Then rent got too high.

Which brings the story back to the footage. It was move out day for Jenkins and her family.

"I'm on the phone with my mom, and she's like, 'Do you see the truck? Do you see the truck?'" Jenkins said. "I'm looking outside."

Suddenly, the doorwoman rounds the desk and gets up close and personal with the tenant.

"She tries to put me in a chokehold more than once," Jenkins said. "Before she finally gets me in the actual chokehold."

The tussle ended with Jenkins thrown to the ground.

"My head hits the floor," she said. "I'm dizzy. I'm trying to make out, 'Did this just happen?' Like, I'm shocked."

Jenkins said she had unpleasant interactions before with the same guard, who was employed by Titan Security Group, but things never got physical.

CBS 2 reviewed the incident repeatedly. There's no audio, but from what the video shows, nothing Jenkins did appeared to justify a forceful throwdown.

"You know, I'm crying. I'm dizzy. I'm nauseous. My head's hurting," she said.

Chicago police arrested the Titan Security Group employee for battery. But CBS 2 wanted to know if she still worked for the company. Did she get reprimanded in any way? CBS 2 asked the company, but it declined to comment.

Jenkins also wasn't told what happened to the doorwoman. Because of that, she asked to meet CBS 2 in a public park.

"I'm mostly just kinda scared and paranoid that she is going to come and find me," Jenkins said.

She's being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder on top of lingering physical injuries related to a concussion and swelling.

Planned Property Management, or PPM, boasts 3,700 apartments for rent on its website. CBS 2 asked multiple times what PPM was doing to make sure no other tenant or guest is subject to this sort of behavior.

CBS 2 also asked if PPM planned to cover any of Jenkins' medical bills. She received one for more than $5,500 for her emergency room visit on the day of the assault. Then, there's the cost of ongoing physical therapy.

Planned Property Management, like Titan Security Group, didn't answer CBS 2's questions.

Jenkins was left in limbo, as is the public.

She said she hasn't received any apology or check-in calls from PPM or Titan Security Group. The throwdown happened more than three months ago.

The Cook County State's Attorney's Office confirmed an ongoing battery case against the guard, who was identified as Ella Williams.

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