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Dog Gone, Dog Returns -- Five Months Later

(CBS) – A Chicago couple went on vacation months ago, but the trip was cut short when they discovered their dog ran away.

Carter was lost in Highland, Ind. and then finally discovered in Calumet Township after about five months.

CBS 2's Jeremy Ross reports on the animal angel credited with saving the dog's life.

Carter's life began with a rough start. He was rescued from a puppy mill and adopted by Laura Semko and her husband. But over the past five months, the canine needed rescuing again.

In May, owners left the pooch at a home in Northwest Indiana, but the two-year-old dog ran off.

That began a search spanning months, dozens of caring volunteers and tip calls.

"There were a number of prank calls," Semko says.

Amanda Czubara spotted the canine near her home. This veterinarian tech, naturally drawn to dogs and cats, helped put up an animal trap stocked with hot dogs and a camera.

The eventual reunion was captured on cell phone video.

"I would want some doing the same thing for me," Czubara says.

"It just makes you feel good to know that there are still people who care about other people and will take the time," Semko says.

Even after about five months away from home, Carter showed no major health issues.

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