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Dog-Friendliest Workplaces In Chicago

By Jessica Cage

For a true pet lover, finding a place to work that is also pet friendly is a dream come true. Having your pet with you while you work can increase productivity and create a more relaxed work environment. Pets bring a sense of comfort. At the end of a long day, you may look forward to coming home and petting your furry pal. But if you are lucky enough to find a place to work that allows you to bring that little friend with you each day, you will never have to wait for that companionship. It will be with you all day long. There a some great places to work right in Chicago that not only allow pet accompaniment in the workplace, but encourage it.


The Nerdery
300 N. Elizabeth St., Suite 500C
Chicago, IL 60607
(877) 664-6373

The Nerdery encourages its employees to be the best at their jobs and to have fun while accomplishing just that. Employees are allowed to bring in pups of all sizes. The belief is that dogs relieve stress and frustrations for employees and help make for a more calm and productive work environment. The Nerdery is so into the idea of having these pups around, that twice a month a pet groomer is brought into the office to keep them all looking their best. Apparently the groomer doesn't just stick to the canines, some of the office nerds are often in need of a trim too. Having the dogs in the office not only benefits the owners but the co-workers as well. For those who may not own a pet, they can get their daily dose of animal interaction at work.

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Google Russia
(Credit: Google Russia)

Google Inc.
20 W. Kinzie St., Suite 900
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 840-4100

Google encourages its employees to bring in their pets. The offices are open to pups as long as everyone follows the guidelines. These include basic rules such as cleaning up after your pooch and making sure to keep up with walks. Also, you must be mindful of any co-workers with allergies and never invade another person's space. While Google is a lover of all pets, it prefers that cats not be brought into the office. Because of the daily crowd of dogs, this may lead the feline friends to become stressed out.

The Onion

The Onion
212 W. Superior St.
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 751-0503

The Onion is an online publication that offers satirical outlook on news across the world. It's no wonder why the office is a friendly zone for pups. If you are looking to inspire a laid-back and creative atmosphere, man's best friend is an obvious choice. The Onion started off as a college publication. In an attempt to maintain that feel, the company instituted the office pet, which is usually a dog. The pup in this office not only provides a relaxed environment but also helps to inspire the workers. Having a pet in the office allows workers to take a break from the drawing board and get a fresh perspective on their work. Playing around with the pooch can also spark some extra creative ideas that might just end up being published on the website.

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Tails Pet Media Group
4410 N. Ravenswood Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 564-9300

It only makes sense that Tails Pet Media Group would advocate pets in the office. The focus is to make a difference for pets everywhere with an online community and magazine publications that offer tips and spreads awareness for the well being of pets. There is no bigger difference to be made in a pet's life than the opportunity to explore a full day with their bipedal partners. Pets are brought into the office not only to help the humans but also the pets who love to be around them. With pets in their offices, employees find it hard to lose focus of the task at hand. These four-legged friends serve as a daily reminder of the impact of their work on animals everywhere.

Pets in the Office

A. Pomerantz & Co.
222 Merchandise Plaza, Suite 940
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 929-3335

In an online blog, A. Pomerantz & Co. gives a detailed look at the pros and cons of having a pet in the office. Among the pros are, of course, happier employees, stronger company culture and increased productivity, but there is always another side of the coin. There will be a down side to having pets in the office such as office accidents, busy days that do not allow for quality time for pets and the expected tantrums a restless animal can have. Even with the negative aspects that can come with an office pet, the folks at A. Pometantz & Co. are still strong supporters of making every day Bring Your Pet To Work Day. Check out the blog for tips on how to turn your office into a pet friendly environment.

Jessica Cage is a freelance writer from Chicago. Her work can be found at

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