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Dixmoor Sends Plea For Help As Water Pressure Down To A Trickle In Parts Of South Suburb

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The village of Dixmoor is asking for help figuring out its ongoing water problems, as water pressure in parts of the south suburb is down to a trickle on Wednesday.

"We need help," Village President Fitzgerald Roberts said in a statement Wednesday morning. "We need someone who can help us find this problem."

The city of Harvey supplies water to Dixmoor, and village officials said they have been working with Harvey to figure out why water pressure problems have persisted, despite attempts to fix the issue.

Roberts said schools and some businesses in Dixmoor are closed because of the water problem, and a boil water order remains in effect for the village.

The village reported Tuesday that there is a disparity in water pressure readings at the feeder end of the system in Harvey and the recipient end in Dixmoor.

The City of Harvey is showing it is pumping 35 pounds of water pressure per square inch to the Village of Dixmoor, but the end pressure is only 11.2 pounds per square inch. Dixmoor has one functional turbine, but the turbine cannot be used at full capacity while water pressure from the source remains low, the village said.

The second Dixmoor turbine will likely have to be replaced.

This all comes after a pipe that was blamed for water pressure issues earlier this week was fixed.

Bottled water is available at the Dixmoor Village Hall. So far, the Village has handed out about 15 pallets of water to residents.

Dixmoor residents have been relying on bottled water for everything since the weekend.

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