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Village Of Dixmoor Lifts Boil Order After More Than Two Weeks

DIXMOOR, Ill. (CBS) -- The boil order for south suburban Dixmoor has been lifted after more than two weeks.

The Village of Dixmoor on Monday disconnected a temporary water feed from Blue Island amid problems with the supply from Harvey – which supplies all of Dixmoor's water.

The village needed two days to test the water quality, and the water has passed the tests.

The Blue Island connection could be reconnected within a matter of hours if necessary, the village said.

Meanwhile, the water pressure for the supply coming from the City of Harvey is now adequate, but still not at pre-Oct. 16 levels – which was a range of 35 to 36 pounds of pressure per square inch of service, the village said.

For more than two weeks, the village has battled with the City of Harvey, pointing fingers over the water supply – broken pipes, low pressure, and water not safe enough to drink.

Last Thursday, Dixmoor Village President Fitzgerald Roberts defended what he has done to fix the tap.

"What me and the board of trustees have done during this crisis, I don't think no one else would have moved as quick as we have," Roberts said. "This issue was not brought to the previous administration, because this is an issue from someone turning the valve. I'll stand on that."

In other words, Roberts still blames the City of Harvey, which controls the water supply.

Dixmoor have been relying upon trucked-in bottled water.

Harvey Mayor Christopher Clark said the pipe problems were brought to Dixmoor village leaders years ago and nothing was done about it. As quoted above, Roberts denies that claim.

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