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Ditka Shares His New Sausages With A Few Superfans

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Mike Ditka showed up today at the Vienna Beef Factory on the North Side, where fans lined up to taste his new trademark sausages.

WBBM Newsradio's Mike Krauser reports Ditka pulled up to the factory in a Mini Cooper with a hot dog on the top.

Vienna Beef was performing the official roll-out of its new Ditka Monster Sausages, with a fundraiser for the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund, a non-profit to provide financial help and social services for retired NFL players in need.

"This Monster Sausage is eight inches long, it's a third of a pound, available as a hot Polish, and a chicken sausage," said Tom McClade, head of business development for Vienna Beef.

Ditka was asked what he knows about sausage.

"I'm an entrepreneur, and I'm going to fool 'em as long as I can, and if they keep asking, I'm going to keep doing it," he said. "You know, what do I know about sausages? I think it's a good idea, and the sausages are good. Vienna Beef is one of the best hot dog makers in the world. So, they've got a good product. I mean, we're not going to get rich doing it, but we're having fun with it."

Also in attendance were a few guys dressed like the Superfans.

"I'm just about ready to have a heart-attack," one said.

Don Feuling, a Ditka lookalike who owns the trademark on the phrase "Da Coach," also showed up.

"I tell ya, Mike Ditka is my hero," he said.

The sausages will be served in Ditka's restaurants, and sell online for $49.95 per 5-pound box. They also will sell at local Jewel and Mariano's grocery stores, and other Chicago area stores.

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