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Dozens Of Disney Princess Half Marathon Runners' Credit Cards Hacked

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A trip to Disney World has turned dreams into nightmares for dozens of Disney Princess Half Marathon runners.

First came the euphoria, as Dawn Drass joined 60,000 runners to partake in a 13.1-mile run through Disney's Magic Kingdom Park and Epcot. She even crossed the finish line with her daughter, Katelin.

"I was on cloud nine all day," she said.

Then, just days after the race, came the crash, when Drass realized she returned home to credit card fraud.

"At five o'clock this morning, I found out by Chase that I had been hacked."

According to the fraud alert, $1,100 was missing. She received an alert to authorize charges. "Of course I hit 'no.'"

"When I looked at my account, I also had three charges for Netflix, which I don't use on that credit card," Katelin said. She joined a private Facebook forum where dozens of other  "runDisney" runners have been sharing similar complaints about last weekend's event.

One woman said she was hit for a little over $900, while another said she was charged $1,300. One more said her mother's card was compromised at the race's expo.

"We believe it's the actual website that we all had to register on to run the race," Drass said.

While that could be the case, Drass and Katelin used their credit cards at other locations around the park throughout the weekend, as well.

Disney has not given an official statement, but a representative said the company has had "no complaints from any of their guests."

Drass and Katelin have not filed an official complaint, though they plan to.

"It's just too much of a coincidence to ignore all of this happening to all of these people over one weekend," Katelin said.

Drass and Katelin were both reimbursed for the fraudulent charges, though they fear their personal information may still be in the hands of hackers.

This was the 10th anniversary of the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

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