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Disgusting Discovery: Feces Smeared On Bridgeport Cars

CHICAGO (CBS) -- On surveillance video, a man approaches a car door only to smear feces on it.

It's leaving neighbors disgusted and it's happened more than once in a Chicago neighborhood.

CBS 2's Vi Nguyen has the story from Bridgeport where she talked to several victims.

They said they've have had enough and happened at least six times last month and they want the person responsible to just stop.

In a neighborhood near 30th and Emerald Avenue, Tony Wu woke up last week to find something really gross on his car: feces. It's either human or animal.

"I saw the front windshield and the right passenger door handle just underside handle and front windshield," Wu said. "No it didn't smell. I'm glad for that, honestly."

His car was parked on 30th Street just steps from Halsted. He took pictures of the mess. Wu said the passenger side door handle was covered with feces wrapped in newspaper. He shared the pictures on Facebook to warn others.

"It was a lot of responses actually," Wu said. "A lot of people were just grossed out (said) this is disgusting (and) who would do such a thing. But then, one that caught my eye other people were experiencing this around this area."

Another neighbor said it happened twice to his friend last week.

"The right side door, the driver side door and the whole door," said Jack Chen.

Same thing to this woman last month. Twice. Her surveillance cameras captured one incident May 25th around 5:00 in the morning. A man with a duffle bag walks to her driver side window, leaving behind a mess on her door handle. Then seconds later, he walks away.

"Honestly, why? What's the point? What do you get out of this," Wu wondered. "It just harms the neighborhood."

Some of the cars targeted have been high-end like Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, and Range Rovers. One victim did file a police report.

If caught the person responsible could face charges of criminal damage to property.

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