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Disabled Parking Crackdown At Soldier Field

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Illinois Secretary of State Police say they gave out tickets at last night's Bears game - as they cracked down on people who parked illegally in spaces for the disabled.

At 4 p.m. there were lots of open parking spots on the top of the Waldron Deck.

But the spots for the disabled are prize real estate for tailgaters. They're bigger spaces and you can spread out the feast.

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A temptation with their siren song.

Which leads to: A $500 ticket and loss of driving privileges for a month if you park there illegally.

In one case, the fan who got the ticket was using a placard owned by his mother, who was not in the vehicle.

Another man pulled his SUV into a spot for the disabled on the Waldron desk.

He had a handicapped placard.

"I find out it's his 12-year-old daughter's placard he was using to access the handicapped parking space. And she was not with him," said Illinois Secretary of State Police Sergeant Gary Washburn.

The ticket also comes with a mandatory court appearance.

After getting the ticket, the violator is told by Washburn: "Feel free to park anywhere else out here and enjoy your day."

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