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Dig It: Bringing Plants In, Keeping Bugs Out

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It's the start of fall, and in the garden that means it's time to give some of your favorite plants a change of scenery.

But make sure the plants—not the pests-are the only things you're bringing in.

Steve Meyer is an expert on pest control.

"Look underneath the foliage and check any place where there might be a little insects hiding," Meyer said

One way to do it: water. Gardeners can take their hose and hit the plants with a hard spray of water—underneath the plant and all the way around to get rid of hiding insects.

Then check one more time to spot any insects hiding underneath the leaf. If they're sticking around, that's where they'll hang out.

If you want to bring your orchids inside, there's a different technique.

"They're grown in bark, ants and other things can live in the bark,'' Meyer said.

To get rid of them take a pail of water and float the orchid in the water for several minutes.

"Any insect that's in there is going to try to get out to get some air," Meyer said.

Now you and your plants are ready for fall!

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