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Deputy Coroner Rescues Family Stranded In Flooded Viaduct

Family Car Gets Stuck In Flooded Viaduct

(CBS) -- A Lincolnwood family of five is okay today because a Lake County official happened upon them during when a street flooded Monday night in Lake Bluff.

Lake County Deputy Coroner Jason Patt said a 4-year old boy was among those in a black Toyota that got stuck in high water under a viaduct in the southbound lanes of U.S. Route 41 (Skokie Highway) near Illinois Route 176 (Rockland Road).

Patt was stopped before the viaduct, headed in the other direction, and noticed the family in the car. He also noticed the water was rising.

He urged the family to get out of the car and come to safety, but they repeatedly refused. Patt radioed for help, and a Lake Bluff police officer showed up and also tried to get the family out of the car, but to no avail.

"I warned them how fast the water was rising. They said they still didn't want to get out," said Patt, who is also the Democratic candidate for Lake County Sheriff.

Eventually, Patt waded into the water and helped each of the five people to safety, including a 4-year old boy. Patt said the water was above the car's door handle by then.

After he got them out, family thanked Patt and asked him for a business card, He said. They also asked him to drop them off at a nearby gas station so they could call relatives.

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