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Protestors vow to disrupt DNC in Chicago with or without a permit

"Coalition to March on the DNC" holds "lead-up" rally outside CPD District 18 Station
"Coalition to March on the DNC" holds "lead-up" rally outside CPD District 18 Station 02:31

CHICAGO (CBS) -- With the Democratic National Convention just three months out and a ceasefire in Gaza nowhere in sight, pro-Palestinian protests in the Chicago area are growing louder. Demonstrators are vowing to disrupt with or without a permit. 

One protest with about two dozen demonstrators gathered outside Chicago Police District 18 on Sunday. They described themselves as a coalition that included local Palestinian organizers as well as survivors of police torture and brutality. 

These groups shared what they said was a joint struggle linked by billions in tax dollars used to marginalize their communities further, whether it's to fund what they call genocide in Gaza or mass incarcerations in the United States. 

The demonstration is one of several so-called "lead-up mobilizations" by the Coalition to March on the DNC. 

Each of these demonstrations, they say, is designed to highlight particular demands of the coalition as they build support and grow in numbers on the road to the convention in August. 

Among those who spoke was Darien Harris, who was cleared from murder charges late last year after serving 12 years. His story of injustice serves as a source of motivation for what can happen when people mobilize.

"We share the same struggle," said Harris. "They being targeted, they being victimized, they being wrongly accused, they being brutalized by police, so we know that same struggle. That's why we come together as one."

"There is no better example in the entire country of this kind of unity between those two very similar communities who are dealing with very, very similar racism and very similar oppression," said Hatem Abudayyeh, USPCN National Chair. 

The group has said it will march on the DNC with or without a permit. 

They recently withdrew an application with the city for a permit as a response to the removal of the pro-Palestinian encampment at DePaul University. 

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