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Demonstrators Do Victory Lap Outside Trump Tower After Health Plan Stalls

(CBS) – Backers of the Affordable Care Act rallied Friday outside Chicago's Trump Tower after White House efforts to repeal and replace the program failed in the Republican-controlled U.S. House.

Lacking the necessary votes, Republican leaders pulled the bill. It represented the first big legislative defeat for President Trump, who blamed Democrats for not getting on board to help pass the legislation.

"Republicans are in control of everything that goes on in the national government," countered Chicago Congressman Danny Davis, a Democrat. "How you could suggest in any way, shape, form or fashion that Democrats are to blame for the misstep -- I just don't know."

House Speaker Paul Ryan says the ACA – or Obamacare, which was approved under previous President Barack Obama, a Democrat – remains the law of the land, for now. Trump predicts Democrats will come running to the GOP when Obamacare eventually implodes under its own weight. Premiums continue to skyrocket for consumers, he notes.

Davis dismissed Trump's warnings, saying the president's track record on predicting the future has been poor.

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