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Democrats Slam Rauner For Veto Of Automatic Voter Registration

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Democratic state lawmakers and others have lashed at Gov. Bruce Rauner, for his veto of legislation that would allow for automatic voter registration when people get their driver's licenses.

Legislators and advocates like Illinois Public Interest Research Group director Abe Scarr said before Rauner vetoed the automatic voter registration plan, his team pushed for changes that would have delayed its effect until after the next governor's election, and make it harder for some to register.

Rauner has said he's just concerned about possible election fraud, and feels the plan is illegal.

"I'm a strong advocate for modernizing our election system, and easing voter access – a strong advocate," the governor said.


However, Cook County Clerk David Orr – who oversees election operations in suburban Cook County – shook his head at that.

"No offense to the governor, but I don't buy it. I don't buy it for a moment," he said, noting the Illinois Senate approved the measure by an overwhelming 50-7 vote, with 12 of the chamber's 20 Republicans voting in favor of it.

The House vote also was heavily in favor of the automatic voter registration plan, with an 86-30 margin, though with not as much Republican support as in the Senate. Only 15 of the 47 Republicans in the House voted for the legislation.

Supporters have enough votes to override Rauner's veto if they wish to do so, but can't do so in time for this year's election.

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