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Democrats Says Gov. Rauner 'Hypocritical' For GOP Attacks On Comptroller

(CBS) -- Top Democrats in Illinois have labeled Gov. Bruce Rauner a hypocrite, after the Illinois Republican Party criticized Comptroller Susana Mendoza for her purchase of a $32,000 used vehicle for her office.

Earlier this week, the state GOP attacked Mendoza for spending more than $32,000 on a used Ford Explorer after she took office, when the state has $11 billion in unpaid bills due to the budget standoff.

Illinois Democratic County Chairmen's Association executive director Dan Kovats accused the Republican governor of being "childish," noting the state purchased a new $54,000 Ford Expedition for the governor, despite failing to reach an agreement on a balanced budget since taking office.

"He is being very hypocritical blaming others when he proposes an out-of-balance budget, when he goes out and buys a brand new SUV and then tries to criticize Comptroller Mendoza. People are starting to realize that this is more on him, and his inability to do his job correctly," Kovats said.

Officials with the Illinois State Police say that agency – not the governor's office -- determines what kind of vehicles are needed for its fleet.

"The ISP continuously reviews the status of its Fleet, and makes purchases based upon vehicle conditions, mileage and usage. The ISP's Statewide Fleet Section Supervisor or one of his staff works with the fleet coordinators for each work unit to ensure we have the correct specifications for a vehicle purchase when ordering for ISP work units. The ISP Fleet Section did not discuss this vehicle purchase with the Governor's Office," a state police spokesperson says.

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