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DeLorean-Driving Cubs Fan Hoping Back To The Future II Prediction Comes True

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Today is Back to the Future Day, the exact date that the characters from the 1989 movie sequel time travel to.

That movie includes the prediction the Cubs would win it all this year.

Now it's time to meet a fan who's taken that forecast from the past to the present. CBS 2's Jeremy Ross has more on a man who is engineering hope.

In the outer outfields of a ball park built on history, a kind of Cubs throwback rounds the grounds of the Friendly Confines.

The pilot of the 1981 DeLorean is Tom Sedor, and yes he re-created the same car made famous by the Back to the Future film saga.

"In 1985 when the movie came out, I had to have a DeLorean," Sedor said. "It speaks to something more important and that's a Cubs' victory."

That past Back to the Future II script had the Cubs winning it all in the present and over the past four months the team's play motivated this engineer by day to work hundreds of hours, day and night.

"There's a lot of parts to it and you gotta make sure they fit well," Sedor said. "This thing is not a monster. It's got 130 horse power."

But what it lacks in go it makes up for in show.

"A lot of smiles on people's faces, that's for sure," Sedor said.

The number-minded engineer calls the movie's prediction mere coincidence. Others wonder if it's where good fortune and good timing finally intersect on the North Side.

Tom gives rides in the car for charity and as a small business. He considers that more of a hobby. For more information, visit

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