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Inspiring 'Day of the Girl' celebrated in Chicago

Inspiring 'Day of the Girl' celebrated in Chicago
Inspiring 'Day of the Girl' celebrated in Chicago 02:11

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Wednesday is recognized as the International Day of the Girl.

In Chicago, one local group uses the day to empower young girls on the city's South Side.

CBS 2's Shardaa Gray reports it's a day where simply being a girl is enough to celebrate.

"Day of the Girl." That's what Wednesday, October 11th is all about at South Shore Cultural Center.

It's a day when being a girl is celebrated. Opportunities are shined and explored for girls like 17-year-old Layci Muhammad.

"I love this event, especially because of things like you see here. And just showcasing Black girls being able to do things and it inspires younger Black girls to be able to pursue those things," Muhammad said.

The Girls Like Me project brings together more than 200 girls annually to celebrate a local and global sisterhood.

Founder, Lakeisha Gray-Sewell said it's not only about empowerment but exposure to global issues that trickle down to neighborhoods in Chicago, like disparities in education and social injustice.

"The issues were what our girls are facing: sex trafficking, gender violence, health inequity, school, and education inequity. We knew that our girls needed to be included in that conversation," she said.

The theme this year is "I am destined."

"Regardless and in spite of the oppression and the segregation of this city, regardless and in spite of the violence in this city, regardless and in spite of all the injustices and inequities, our girls are destined for greatness," Gray-Sewell said.

The girls get to sit in different sessions – such as Double Dutch demonstrations, art therapy, and performances by DJs.

For the past 12 years, Chicago Day of the Girl has incorporated yoga, not only for their physical health but their mental health as well.

Not only are they working on their mental health, but they're forming a sisterhood.

"I do connect with a lot of girls here. Like, still some girls that are here today I met from last year at the same event. So I'm just happy to say that I meet new people. And I'm happy to say I bring new people in who haven't heard about this," Muhammad said.

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