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Daughter Of Carjacking Victim: 'She's Traumatized, Doesn't Even Want To Come To Her Job'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A hospital nurse is carjacked at gunpoint while on a break from her job.

CBS 2's Chelsea Irving has the story from Jackson Park Hospital where the victim's daughter shared the frightening story of the attack.

It was the middle of the afternoon on Thursday when Chicago police said a man on a bicycle attacked a nurse in the parking lot. Even though he had a gun, she fought back.

"She said she was holding on for dear life," said the victim's daughter Lakisha Hillard.

When a man with a gun tried to carjack Donna Hillard, her daughter Lakisha said the 62-year-old nurse didn't give up her car, but instead grabbed for his weapon.

"She was holding the gun in the air so it wouldn't be pointed in her face," said Hillard.

Chicago police said the man hit Hillard in the face before making off with her car.

Security cameras may have caught some of the incident, but a security guard told CBS 2 that the lot is not patrolled. Outside the view of the CBS 2 camera, Lakisha Hillard had words for that guard.

"Why didn't you do you job when my mom was fighting for her life? You should have been in your parking lot yesterday when my mom was at gunpoint," asked Hillard.

Some said they've seen the suspect before, riding his bike in the area. The hospital told CBS 2 they have no knowledge of that, nor any immediate plans to increase security.

"She's traumatized. She doesn't even want to come to her job," Hillard said. "There's a security booth right in front of us, but there's nobody in it."

Donna Hillard is scheduled to work on Sunday, but at this point she's not sure if she's going to.

Chicago police said no on is in custody.

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