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Dart: Gun Owners With Revoked FOID Cards Need To Have Firearms Taken Away

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Sheriff of Cook County says: look right across from schools, parks and churches, and you'll find people with guns who aren't supposed to have them.

Sheriff Tom Dart says the entire Springfield concealed carry debate founded on a broken system of Firearms Owners ID cards, which licenses gun owners but lets people keep their guns after their FOID cards have been revoked.

He showed a map of 4000 revoked FOID cards atop a map of gathering places for Cook County kids.

Dart: Gun Owners With Revoked FOID Cards Need To Have Guns Taken Away

"People who should be nowhere near guns are across the street from schools, across the street from day care centers. You pick it, they are there. They are sitting on arsenals," said Dart.

Dart says a new concealed carry bill will only aggravate the situation which he says can only be corrected with a procedure to retrieve guns from people who've lost the right to have them after a finding of mental illness, conviction or entry of an order of protection.


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