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Daredevil Ready For Tightrope Walk Over Chicago River

(CBS) -- He's been doing this his whole life, yet you might not be able to watch it without holding your breath.

Nik Wallenda will walk first from Marina City's west tower to the Leo Burnett Building and then he'll walk blindfolded between the Marina City west and east towers.

CBS 2's Jeremy Ross reports the path of this daredevil stunt will take place more than 600 feet above the city.

Nik Wallenda, a seventh generation member of the Flying Wallendas, will walk tightropes across two separate areas battling the wind and gravity and he'll so without a net.

His high wire journey will begin at 6 p.m. and one of his walks will include a 15 degree incline.

Wallenda said he originally had Willis Towner in mind, but there were concerns, including the height of that building.


Turns out his sister lived in Chicago for more than a decade and while visiting her he fell in love with the skyline and Marina City always stood out for him.

"I always loved Marina City, just loved those buildings, the shape and they kind of look to me like they are made to walk a wire between, so always thought that, finally got on top of one of the Marina City towers and looked across the river and thought that is an amazing place to walk to. The Leo Burnett Building is just a beautiful façade," Wallenda said.
There are two places where the public to watch: on Wacker between Wabash and State and between Clark and Dearborn.

The Discovery Channel will be broadcasting the event with a 10 second delay. Emergency responders will be standing by in the event something does go wrong.

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