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Chicago Area Expressway Shootings Double In One Year

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Expressway shootings in Chicago have more than doubled since this time last year.

The latest shooting took place during Wednesday morning's rush hour on the inbound Dan Ryan near Sox Park. CBS 2's Chris Tye IDOT is investigating but there is an upward trend on expressway shootings in the area.

No one was injured in Wednesday morning's shooting and it's unclear if it was a road rage incident.

What is clear: The alarming trend-line of expressway shootings doesn't seem to be slowing down even as IDOT has begun spending over $12 million to try and fix the problem.

A black Lexus sped off just after 8:30 Wednesday morning. A blue Toyota service truck, a vehicle for a power washing company, is just the latest to showcase damage and a dangerous trend on Cook County expressways.

The incident on the Dan Ryan underlines how its numbers are most concerning. The totals for expressway shootings: 79 as of May 19. The total on this date one year ago: 36 shootings.

More than twice the shootings versus one year ago.

All of this comes as just three months ago IDOT touting a  $12.5 million investment of taxpayer dollars to purchase software to investigate expressway shootings.

CBS 2 reached out to the power washing company, that's the vehicle that was shot at Wednesday morning, but the company has yet to respond.

Did IDOT cameras track that Lexus that police scanner indicated was the shooting vehicle?

Investigators with IDOT couldn't comment.

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