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Daley Hospitalization, Tests Continue

(CBS) -- Former Mayor Richard M. Daley is spending his third day in the hospital.

He remains in the intensive care unit of Northwestern Memorial Hospital, undergoing tests to determine what caused him to become disoriented during a business trip on Friday.

CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports it's almost a repeat of what happened here 14 years ago, when Daley, then mayor, was hospitalized for five days to find out what caused chest pains and hypertension.

The symptoms are different this time. The ex-mayor reportedly felt ill, odd, and disoriented. Whatever it was that hit him last week seemed to come out of the blue.

If you thought Daley's schedule would slow down when he left City Hall, think again. If anything, he's been busier than ever, he told Levine late last year.

CBS 2 ran into him as Chicago and Mexico City announced a new economic partnership. Mayor Emanuel took the bows, but Daley, as chairman of JP Morgan Chase's Global Cities Initiative, made it happen.

Daley's also been traveling as a board member of the Coca-Cola Co., his son Patrick's Venture Capital Group and Chicago's Katten Muchin Rosenman law firm, which was holding the meeting he attended in Arizona last week.

It's the fourth time Daley's been hospitalized since the year 2000 -- before Friday, though, not since 2002. At least twice he had symptoms of heart arythmia.

The first time was in 2000, when he felt chest pain and high blood pressure, revealing at the time that he'd not had a physical exam in 10 years.

Daley and his late wife Maggie were hospitalized together in December 2002 after both passed out from flu-related dehydration.

Since leaving office, the mayor has lost weight, exercised regularly and been very active. He personally led a tour of Millennium Park back in October as part of Chicago Ideas Week.

Now Daley's a private citizen, though far from average, which is why his family is keeping information about his condition to a minimum, other than they expect him to be here until mid-week or longer.

They don't believe Friday's episode was anything major, but until the tests are complete and all the results are in, they won't know for sure.

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