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DaBaby Pulled From Lollapalooza Lineup Amid Backlash Over Homophobic Remarks And 'Insensitive' Comments on HIV/AIDS

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Lollapalooza wrapped up Sunday night without one of its headliners.

Grammy-nominated rapper DaBaby should have been ending his set right about 10 p.m. Instead, the festival nixed the headliner the latest backlash over his homophobic comments last week.

As CBS 2's Steven Graves reported, reaction to the decision to eliminate DaBaby from the lineup was mixed – but heavily in support of the decision. LGBTQ rights advocates meanwhile said it should send a broader message.

The festival announced that the rapper was pulled from its lineup Sunday morning, tweeting "Lollapalooza was founded on diversity, inclusivity, respect and love. With that in mind, DaBaby will no longer be performing at Grant Park tonight."

This comes after homophobic comments DaBaby made a week ago. And while the abrupt change left some people disappointed, the move mainly got positive responses.

DaBaby was at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami last week when he made the comments. The Grammy-award winning rapper, born Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, was recorded making vulgar statements about women and gay men.

He then suggested people with HIV die within two to three weeks. Many were quick to point out that this is not true – and also that there are treatments for HIV and have been for years.

The rapper soon afterward made an apology – saying he did not mean to offend anyone. But backlash from celebrities and beyond is still clearly there.

"I was a really big DaBaby fan," one festivalgoer said. "I'm a little disappointed in him."

The abrupt decision to cancel DaBaby was one that Kristal Mainsah and her friends aid was a good move.

"I thought it was bound to happen," Mainsah said. "Like, a lot of people were dropping him left and right, and it was deserved."

Festivalgoer Erin Clark said, "This is an opportunity for him to learn from a mistake he made."

Some also said the apology DaBaby issued did not come across as genuine.

"It was truly uncalled for," Mainsah said.

"Lolla definitely would have lost some supporters if he performed," Mainsah's friend said.

But one person whom the festival would not have lost is Trey, who thinks the rapper should still have taken the stage.

"His fans were thinking he was going to perform, so they came probably from out of town and probably paid just to come see him," Trey said. "But I feel like the comments he made was wrong, but it shouldn't have affected his performance."

But LGBTQ rights advocates doing grassroots work disagree – calling the rapper's comments homophobic and damaging.

"I mean, I'm really glad that this happened," said Ashabi Owagboriaye of Pride Without Prejudice, "and if there are other artists that I'm sure hold the same mentality and ideas that DaBaby has, and hopefully they understand that educating yourself and no longer maintaining just harmful rhetoric is a really great stepping direction to be more inclusive and safe community."

Owagboriaye emphasized the harmful claims about HIV and AIDS that DaBaby made.

"Not only does it take us a step back in how we view HIV/AIDS in the queer community, it also doesn't allow people to understand the gravity of what HIV/AIDS is and how no longer harmful it is if people take the right steps and protect themselves and use medicine," Owagboriaye said.

Late Sunday, many people were hoping the nationally-known music festival's move would send a message.

"The is something that needed to happen, and more people need to take the chance to educate themselves," Owagboriaye said.

Young Thug instead took the Bud Light Seltzer Stage at Lollapalooza at 9 p.m.

Graves did reach out to DaBaby's team for comment on the cancellation, but he did not hear back.

There had been no public response to the cancellation from DaBaby as of late Sunday.

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