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Cubs To Fix Mural Mistake Depicting Comiskey Park

Photo On Mural Shows Lindbergh At Comiskey, Not Wrigley

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It's true. Someone slipped up, and a photo depicting aviator Charles Lindbergh visiting a 1927 Chicago White Sox game at the old Comiskey Park ended up in the Cubs' centennial mural on the walls of Wrigley Field.

Cubs vice president Julian Green said baseball historian Floyd Sullivan wasn't the first to make the observation to the team, and he added the Cubs have been aware that there was an apparent problem for "about a week."

The photo of Lindbergh clearly shows an upper deck; Wrigley Field was in the process of getting one at the time. But the wall openings clearly visible in the photo scream "Comiskey Park" to anyone who ever saw the old ballpark at 35th and Shields.

Sullivan said his own research shows that Lindbergh visited Comiskey, not Wrigley, while making his so-called victory tour after completing the first solo trans-Atlantic flight.

He said similar photos at the Chicago History Museum from the same event are labeled "Comiskey Park."

Green told WBBM that the North Siders used a variety of sources for the images in the mural and said the one that the Cubs chose of Lindbergh was labeled Wrigley Field.

Sullivan said he tried contacting the Cubs about the mistake and said no one got back to him, but Green said the message has come through loud and clear.

Asked if a devious Sox fan might have planted the photo to embarrass the team, Green said it was an honest mistake.

Green said it will take about a week, but the mural will be changed.

And while Green said the Cubs are not yet sure what or whom the revamped mural will include, he said, "It will definitely be of Wrigley Field."

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